Backcountry Containers Completes Commercial Kitchen using Ten Ocean Containers for Barbuda Ocean Club

Barbuda Commercial Kitchen

Backcountry Containers recently completed a custom commercial kitchen on the island of Barbuda for Barbuda Ocean Club.

Barbuda Ocean Club is a stunning private resort spanning more than 900 acres and 8 miles of beachfront. To service this resort requires a large and growing staff of more than 400 part-time and full-time employees. The resort needed a separate “back of house” commercial kitchen to prepare meals for these hard-working staff members. However, getting the standard building materials needed for a traditional kitchen build to the small island of Barbuda is difficult and expensive. Fortunately, receiving shipping containers is a much easier process as this is used regularly to bring in other supplies.

Jon Meier, President of Backcountry Containers stated, “Using our extensive container construction experience, our team designed a custom ten-unit commercial kitchen for Barbuda Ocean Club. The build features an open floor plan, a 20ft long commercial kitchen hood, and restroom. Container construction provided the fast and cost-effective build the Club needed, while also ensuring a high-quality result.”

To simplify logistics and installation, Backcountry Containers built in modular fashion, completing the framing, electrical and plumbing rough-out, closed cell spray insulation, and wall coverings of each container before it left the Wisconsin-based workshop. Once the 40ft high cube containers arrived in Barbuda, the team meticulously welded and sealed the 10 individual units together, creating approximately 3000 square feet of interior space. The interior space was then outfitted per the customers specifications. On-site installation took approximately 2 weeks.

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