Custom Builds

We are the premiere designer and builder of custom container homes.

Backcountry Containers crafts custom container homes specific to your unique needs and location. Using a combination of stacked or adjoined 20ft and 40ft containers, we will create your dream home. We work mostly across the state of Texas, but occasionally take projects elsewhere.

We can incorporate decks, screened in porches, multiple bedrooms, offices, large entertaining areas, workshops, storage areas, and more! The possibilities truly are endless. Whether this will be a primary or vacation home, our custom shipping container homes provide a functional and aesthetic dwelling.


Each Backcountry Containers home is built to unique specifications. It’s important to us to create spaces that are exceptionally functional to the people that will live in them. Additionally, every location has different challenges and assets. We want to maximize the possibilities with any location where you put a Backcountry Container.




Can be placed on approved slab style foundation or concrete pier foundation (recommended). Concrete blocks and railroad ties also can work!

Insulation and AC/Heat

All walls/ceilings/floors in Backcountry Containers are insulated with closed cell foam spray insulation. This provides a sealed environment, allowing no hot or cold air to enter. Included AC/Heat provides cool air on hot summer days, and warm air on ruthless northern winter days.

Plumbing and Water Supply

Plumbing is set up so that the container can be either hooked up to city approved drainage, or simply hooked up to both a blackwater and greywater portable tank. Water saving fixtures come standard in containers. Composting toilets are also an option. Water supply can either be provided by city approved water hookup, or for “Off-grid”, a water reservoir tank in conjuction with a pump can be used. Compact tankless water heaters are utilized for on demand hot water.


Electricity is set up so that the container can be either hooked up to city approved power, or for “Off-grid”, simply hooked up to an appropriate generator. Solar Power is also an excellent option for our containers.



We design our container homes to maximize the views and feature of your property. Because of their rugged design, many of our customers chose a container home because of their mobility and durability, while still being a modern and beautiful home. Choosing to design your container home alongside our team will ensure you get the most out of your property, whether on or off the grid.


Joining containers together is how we create one-of-a-kind homes that fit your design. We can stack container to give you height, weld them together for a wider space, or join them side by side.


This is where things get exciting. We can incorporate just about anything into our container homes. We’ve built workshops, done a putting green, made a large rooftop garden, built custom furniture, made a hunting lodge and more.