Barbuda Commercial Kitchen


Our team designed and constructed a custom ten-unit “back-of-house” commercial kitchen for Barbuda Ocean Club that is used to prepare meals for their staff members. This build features an open floor plan, a 20ft long commercial kitchen hood, and a restroom, utilizing the cost-effective and fast solution of container construction to deliver a high-quality result. 

Getting the standard building materials needed for a traditional kitchen build to the small island of Barbuda is difficult and expensive. Fortunately, receiving shipping containers is a much easier process as this is used regularly to bring in other supplies.

Once the 40ft cube containers arrived in Barbuda, the team meticulously welded and sealed the 10 individual units together, creating approximately 3000 square feet of interior space. The interior space was then outfitted per the customer’s specifications. On-site installation took approximately 2 weeks.

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