About Backcountry Containers


It all started with a 20ft shipping container.

Designing unique and simple solutions to complex problems has always been one of Jon Meier’s strongest attributes. Like most engineers, the founder of Backcountry Containers has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. While Jon was working as an aeronautical engineer, he became intrigued by the concept of tiny living. He knew with his engineering background, he could make a unique, functional, and structurally sound dwelling space. With the support of his wife Kristen, he quit his job and built the first Backcountry Container. Kristen has always been a talented decorator and was able to balance out Jon’s practical, modern design with stylish decor and rustic design finishes. The first 20 ft blue container home was an online hit and laid the foundation for what was about to become a booming business.

Becoming a Family Affair.

Once Jon built a bigger container home for Kristen’s sister Emily, featured on an episode of Tiny House, Big Living, the group realized that everyone in the family had something to offer the growing business. Emily’s fashion merchandising background made her the perfect interior decorating partner for Kristen. Kristen’s brothers and cousins began helping Jon with construction. The business really became a family venture.

Premiere provider of custom container homes.

As the business gained attention, demand quickly grew for these functional and aesthetic spaces. Customers also desired container homes that were larger than a traditional tiny home. The basic models become a launch pad for many different uses for the homes, from elaborate vacation homes to guest houses.  Jon and team began engineering and building truly custom homes with different multi-container configurations. The homes offer Backcountry Container’s customers with a cost-effective custom home that can meet their needs in a beautiful and unique way. Whether it’s on a mountainside or in the middle of 100 acres, Backcountry Containers brings visionary homes to life.