Commercial Builds

We can provide customized container solutions to all markets and industries, including residential, commercial, industrial and governmental. We have the experience and capacity to partner with businesses on any type of container-related project, large and small. A few examples of the types of projects we can partner with you on include:

    • Airbnbs
    • VRBOs
    • Campgrounds (including ADA compliant container homes)
    • Subdivision projects
    • Trailer park conversion projects
    • Apartment projects
    • Commercial restaurants
    • Food truck containers
    • Tiny house communities
    • Commercial bathrooms
    • Retail recycling container projects
    • On-site construction office rentals
    • Alternative energy battery storage projects
    • Commercial kitchens

You can fill out the form below or send an email to sales@backcountrycontainers.com with your RFI or RFP document


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