General Contractors

For our standard models, our services include the build of your container model and delivery. You will need a General Contractor to provide additional services such as:

  • Decks
    • Roof Top Deck - 40ft home (300sqft)
    • Ground Top Deck - 40ft home (300sqft)
    • Pergola - 40ft home (300 sqft)
    • Roof Top Deck - 20ft home (160sqft)
    • Ground Top Deck - 20ft home (160 sqft)
    • Pergola - 20ft home (160 sqft)
  • Foundations
    • Gravel pads
    • Railroad ties
    • Concrete slab
    • Concrete Piers
    • Helical Piers/ screws
    • Crawl Space
  • Electrical Hookup
    • Attach to existing source already on site
    • Solar Package
    • Power Generator Package
  • Water Systems
    • Attach to existing source already on site
    • Cistern Watering System
    • Freshwater Tank
  • Plumbing:
    • Attach to existing source already on site
    • Septic Field (septic tank & soil absorption field)

Preferred General Contractors

Contractors listed below are very familiar with Backcountry Containers and have been used as trusted partners. We are happy to answer questions your selected general contractor has, even if they are not on this list.

Company: Refined Renovations: refinedrenovationstx.com
Owner & Contact: Christopher Trevino
Email: sales@refinedrenovationstx.com
Phone Number: 713-319-4184

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