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Family’s Two-Story Shipping Container Tiny Home

Living In A Container highlights Backcountry Container’s our two-story tiny home on their tour of the USA.

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You’re Going to Love This Modern Farmhouse Container Home

Create your very own custom container home with Backcountry Containers.

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You Can Now Buy An Affordable Farmhouse Made From A Shipping Container

Texas-based company is combining the two trends to create affordable shipping container homes that are decked out in farmhouse charm.

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You Can Now Buy An Affordable Farmhouse Made From A Shipping Container

Read the article from ABC Cincinnati about Backcountry Containers’ farmhouse build and how we created an affordable…

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9 Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now

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Custom Shipping Container Homes and DIY Show from Backcountry Containers

Tiny House Blog shares how Jon and Kristen Meier of Backcountry Containers build aesthetically pleasing tiny homes.

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These Made-In-Texas Shipping Container Homes Are Seriously Impressive

Chip and Joanna Gaines aren’t the only husband-and-wife team creating amazing homes in Texas. Jon Meier and Kristen Flowers are also fixing up beautiful country dwellings in the Lone Star State—but with upcycled shipping containers at the heart of their projects.

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Stream Jon and Kristen Meier of Backcountry Containers’ show Containables on Discovery+ today.

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Houston-Based Backcountry Containers Takes Tiny House Living by Storm

Second Shelters shares how Backcountry Containers is creating affordable tiny homes that can be shipped anywhere in the country.

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Backcountry Containers homes are camera ready

This article in the Houston Chronicle describes how Jon and Kristen got their own tv show on the DIY Network.

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