Pricing for a custom container homes is dependent on your layout, design complexity, and number of containers.

We know that when first looking into container homes, pricing is a big question. Each of our homes is truly custom in design, so providing blanket pricing information is difficult. Additionally, each piece of property requires a different amount of site prep before we even get the container home started.

Backcountry Containers are a cost effective way to build a home tailored to your exact needs and wants but are still an investment. Below is just a rough guide to give you an idea of pricing. Contact us with your specific needs and we can help customize your pricing.

All pricing estimates do not include required site prep.


Single Container Homes

A single 20′ container home typically starts at $40,000, while a 40′ container home starts at $60,000. Rooftop decks, porches, high-end appliances, and other finishes are additional and will increase costs.

Multiple Container Homes

Once more than one container is involved, the project becomes more complex. Multiple container homes typically start at $100,000.